Safety Guide

Information on safe use of essential oils is based on world wide research. The concentration of essential oils to be blended with carrier oils for the safety use in Aromatherapy treatments is to use less dosage of essential oils with maximum coverage in the body area applications.

The usual concentration used of essential oils when blended with base oils is between 2% to 5%. When used over the chest or the abdomen area dosage of 8% to 10% can be used, while areas such as the hands or feet upto 50% may be used. For tropical application to a spot certain essential oils can be used in their purest form (100%). But it is very important that the total quantity of concentrate essential oils to be used at one time should not exceed more than 0.5 – 1.5 mls. to 30 drops. This is an adults dosage. But when treating children the dosage has to be decided according to the age and weight of a child. The general guide is to use half a drop of essential oil to each Kg. of the child’s weight. Dosage according to age is as follows :

  • 12yrs to 16yrs — 10–15 drops.
  • 07yrs to 12yrs — 05–08 drops.
  • 03yrs to 07yrs — 02–03 drops.
  • 01yrs to 03yrs — 01–02 drops.