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The best sneaker wipes to keep your kicks fresh, clean and germ-free

by R.K's Aroma on Jul 14, 2022

The best sneaker wipes to keep your kicks fresh, clean and germ-free

Sneakers have now become an integral part of our wardrobes. We wear them everywhere from going for a run to the grocery store and to the office too. Whether it is a $50 pair of Chuck Taylors or a $400 pair of common projects, and whether you prefer a casual worn-in or a brand new look, all kicks have one thing in common: THEY GET DIRTY! And there is no miracle thing that can prevent your sneakers from getting dirty. Unless you put a bag over them, there is really nothing out there that you can do. Dirt is dirt. If your hectic day keeps you on your feet all day, It will not take long to get dirt to appear, especially with shoes meant for active use.

Even though you cannot prevent your kicks from getting dirty, you can still clean them and make them look fresh and new. There are of course numerous capable cobblers and sneaker-cleaning specialists who can do it in just a snap of fingers. But, there are also many at-home cleaning methods (formulas, brushes, spot treatments, etc.) that only cost about a third of the price of a visit to a professional. One such cleaning method that you can do on the go is using SNEAKER WIPES.

What are sneaker wipes? Scroll down to learn more about them, they are essential for an on the go lifestyle, because there is nothing quicker than these quick fix shoe cleaning wipes.

What Are Sneaker Wipes?

What do you do to clean your shoes? Like many others, do you also throw your sneakers into the washing machine and hope for the best? If yes, please don’t do it. Your shoes come out of the machine looking worse than they were when you put them in. So, what should you do? You need a great product that can clean your dirty kicks without damaging them.

Sneaker wipes just like a facial wipe or a hand sanitizing wipe offer a quick and the easiest solution to remove mud, grime, and grass stains from your shoes. And with the coronavirus numbers being at worrying heights, sneakers wipes do double duty by wiping off bacteria and germs from your kicks to keep your house germ-free.

Because style is not the only reason why people want to clean their sneakers nowadays. According to the CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention), did you know your footwear can harbour bacteria, viruses and diseases, tracking them into your home? While some are resorted to using shoe covers, I recommend you to have the best sneaker wipes at the ready for staying vigilant (health and style-wise).

Most of these sneaker wipes are also travel-friendly, so you can easily stash them in your purse, bag, or pocket.

How To Choose The Best Sneaker Wipes

If you are looking for a sneaker wipe, then trust me finding the best one is like running in one place - you will exert energy but couldn’t get very far. With dozens of cleaners and cleaning wipes available in the market, we often don’t choose the right one as we don’t know exactly what we need. A good sneaker wipe revitalizes the material, removes dirt and stains, and restores the sneaker’s aesthetic without damaging and discolouring. Some products include a brush, and others come with a liquid cleaner.

So when you shop for the best sneaker wipes, keep the following three factors in mind -
1. Materials
Always look for sneaker wipes that are safe to use both for your sneakers and yourself. Look for the ones that are suitable for most fabric and materials including canvas, leather, mesh, knit, and vinyl.

2. Formula
The best sneaker wipes get the job done without too many chemicals as ingredients. Because harsh chemicals can create risk for your hands and small kids. So, make sure the shoe cleaning wipes don’t contain too many over-loaded chemicals.

If you would like to clean your kicks on the go, choose wipes that come in individually wrapped packages. So that you can clean quickly before arriving at someone else’s home, getting in the car after shopping, or after having a commute. You can also keep all the sneaker wipes at the front door so that you can use them immediately once you get home.

The Best Sneaker Wipes - R.K’s Aroma Sneaker Wipe (Effectual Essential)

Seeker Wipe are the premium shoe wipes from R.K’s Aroma that effectively clean almost any material, be it canvas, leather, mesh, nylon, sports shoes, synthetic leather, and even knit (for the Yeezy fans out there). But despite their cleaning powers, the R.K’s Aroma wipes are free of harsh chemicals and soap. Instead, the wipes use bio engineered bacteria (probiotics - the good kind of bacteria) to break down and wipe away grime.

R.K’s Aroma Sneaker Wipe pack contains twelve individually wrapped wipes, which make these wipes a good choice for slipping in your pocket, gym bag, or purse when leaving the house.

No need to mess up with sprays, foams, or brushes, you can simply wipe away the dirt and dinginess with these sneaker wipes. They are pre-moistened, thick and don’t leave any residue. They work well in taking out grass marks, dirt, scuffs and much more to keep your shoes look fresh and new.

Ingredients Used In R.K’s Aroma Sneaker Wipe

Shoe cleaning wipes that are made of harmful chemicals may do wonders in removing the dirt, but at the same time, they will damage the material of the shoe. Whereas, natural sneaker cleaning wipes allow you to easily erase years of built-in grime and dirt to restore the kicks to their original glory. The formula used in R.K’s Aroma sneaker wipe is made with 100% natural ingredients that are sourced from certified organic sellers. It contains -

Coconut Oil
We all know that baking soda and vinegar are the heroes around our houses for cleaning and accomplishing other household tasks. But, did you know there is another edible natural ingredient that can do wonders in cleaning dirt? Coconut oil is an extremely versatile natural ingredient that can help you with cleaning the most tedious ones.

The natural enzymes in the oil help you in breaking down stains and dirt without causing any harm to the material of your shoes. Coconut oil also contains lauric acid which has a host of antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. These antibacterial properties will also help you in wiping off the bacteria and germs that your kicks carry.

Potassium Sorbate
Potassium Sorbate is a nature-identical chemical additive that is widely used in drinks, foods, and personal care products to increase their shelf life. It is synthetically produced from sorbic acid (naturally found in some fruits like berries of mountain ash) and potassium hydroxide.

Himalayan Rock Salt
Whether you go to a local grocery store and a shopping mall, you can see Himalayan rock salt or lamps that claim to purify the air. There is no denying that this ingredient is trendy right now. The benefits it is offering go far behind its pretty aesthetic. Whether you consume it, add it to your bath, apply it to your skin or wipe clean any product, Himalayan rock salt can be good in a number of ways.

Himalayan salt just like table salt contains sodium chloride, but it also has up to 84 other minerals and traces of elements. The pure Himalayan salt is anti fungal, anti-bacterial, and antimicrobial. Therefore, it is really hard on dirt but very gentle on your shoes.

Plant-Derived Surfactant
All laundry detergents and sneaker cleaners available in the market use “surfactants” to break down dirt, grime, sweat, and everything else you do not want on your shoes. These surfactants are derived from chemicals like diethanolamine, quaternion - 15, petroleum distillates and more which may cause skin irritation, liver problems and lung cancers. Keeping the health of the customers and their sneakers in mind, we at R.K’s Aroma only use eco-friendly and naturally derived surfactants like coconut oil in our sneaker wipe. Therefore, these wipes are not only non-toxic to sneakers but also are non-toxic to humans.

Tea Tree Essential Oil
No natural medicine cabinet or a green cleaning kit is complete without the tea tree essential oil. Made from the Australian tea tree leaves, the tea tree essential oil has been used by many professionals and therapists for hundreds of years to clean surfaces and treat cuts and wounds. The oil is a power source of anti fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that make it a safe cleaner.

Your shoes, especially the ones you wear for the gym, are a treasure trove for bacteria, grime, dirt, sweat, etc… So, it is a great idea to use R.K’s Aroma Sneaker wipe that contains tea tree oil to clean your shoes.

Lemon Essential Oil
Lemon essential oil is a natural ingredient that is extracted from the peel of fresh lemons using cold-pressing techniques. Lemon Essential oil is a powerhouse for cleaning almost everything. It works best for degreasing and removing stains & adhesives. In fact, Lemon essential oil is known to have a powerful ability to cut through anything. Not only this the fresh scent uplifts and reminds us of summer.

Features Of R.K’s Aroma Sneaker Wipe
With R.K’s Aroma’s sneaker wipe, stubborn marks and stains are a thing in the past. Developed by a bunch of sneaker heads who worked in conjunction with leading highly professional research and development specialists. R.K’s Aroma’s sneaker wipe is an essential part of any sneaker shoe cleaning and is for anyone who is dead serious about keeping their shoes clean and fresh.


  • R.K’s Aroma Sneaker Wipe are Quick And Easy

Our sneaker wipes give you a quick and easy solution when you couldn’t give your shoes a thorough clean. Just wipe and go, it is as simple as that, nothing else is required. Therefore, you can now deal with dirty sneakers even when you are in a hurry.

  • R.K’s Aroma Sneaker Wipe are Travel Friendly

No more worrying about your sneakers when you are out and about. The convenient packaging of our sneaker wipes is designed to go wherever you do. The little sachets are small enough to fit inside the palm of your hand.

  • R.K’s Aroma Sneaker Wipe are Your Sneakers Best Friends

Our cleaning wipes use biodegradable cleaning technology in the form of natural bacteria. These natural bacteria continue to clean your sneakers long after use. Also, the sneakers wipes are 100% safe to use on most of the materials including canvas, leather, mesh and various knits.

  •  R.K’s Aroma Sneaker Wipe Doesn’t Compromise In Quality

Our wipes are easier and quicker than brushes, sprays and shoe polish. They take care of stubborn stains, unsightly scuffs, and dirt in a snap. We are never duplicated and we are the Original Sneaker Wipe!

  • R.K’s Aroma Sneaker Wipe Are Versatile

Make our wipes an essential part of your sneaker and shoe maintenance. These wipes are pre-moistened, so they go all the way in keeping your footwear in tip-top shape.

  • R.K’s Aroma Sneaker Wipe Are Dedicated

We, the team of R.K’s Aroma stand for integrity and know that our sneaker wipes are the best money can buy. We believe in delivering affordability and superior quality to our customers.

  • R.K’s Aroma Sneaker Wipe Are Superior

Whether you are someone who only takes pride in your appearance or a hardcore kick lover, our cleaning wipes take shoe cleaning and their rescue to the next level. We are the only solution for you if you take your sneakers and their cleaning seriously.

  •  R.K’s Aroma Sneaker Wipe Reduce Environmental Impact

At R.K’s Aroma, we are working steadily and constantly to reduce our impact on the environment and our surroundings. And this is the reason why our formula contains no soap and are completely biodegradable and environmental safe.

How To Use R.K’s Aroma Sneaker Wipe
Our sneaker wipes are very easy to clean. They contain probiotic properties that work to break down the dirt and grime and continue to clean even after the application. Here is how to use the sneaker wipes.

Step 1: Clean the area on the sneakers that are filled with dirt using a brush or a microfiber cloth.
Step 2: Tear open a pouch.
Step 3: Wipe selected dirty areas with the sneaker wipe.

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