Cleansing Lotion

Cleansing Lotion

Rs. 180.00



  • Deep cleansing will lead to glowing skin
  • Contains Lemon and Chamomile oil to ensure a thorough cleaning process.
  • Help regain flawlesslighter and radiant skin.

Dab little dots of the lotion all over face and neck. Spread gently till skin has absorbed, carefully avoiding the eyes. Gentle enough to be used twice a day.
Aloe vera juice, wheat germ oil, carrot seed oil, lavender oil, geranium oil, chamomile oil and lemon oil, enriched with vitamins that act as natural preservatives.

For All Skin Types:
Retain your skins natural moisture with this creamy facial cleansing lotion that combines aloe vera and coconut oil with essential vitamins. The extracts of chamomile and lemon oil go deep inside every pore, cleansing from within, making your skin glow.

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