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Magical aroma
R.K’s Aroma Shop, a house of rare Indian fragrances, backed by a team of herbalists and chemists, has closely considered the therapeutic values in the selection of natural aromatic oils and presents unique blends of biodegradable health and beauty care products.

Oils for Reiki, Oils for Vastu Shastra, Three Dosha Oil, A range of Supernatural Products, Oils for Zodiac Sign, Oils for Seasons

Vedic Aroma
One of the most ancient science of the world, this Indian traditional science fits well into the modern concepts of holistic healing, harmony balancing of total health of an individual physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Facial Massage
A physical contact, bringing a positive touch to another human being can give pleasure, reassurance, confidence and comfort.


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  • Hazardous Essential Oils

    There are certain Essential oils which are considered to be hazardous and should be avoided or used with caution. Keeping the safety guidelines on a priority level, this article mentions essential oils used by most aroma therapists, yet oils such as Sage. Mugwort, Thyme, Rue and Pennyroyal are toxic and hazardous. 

    A lot of people are susceptible to allergic reactions from certain essential oils which cause no problems to others. As an example, I had a lady who got severe allergic reaction just with inhalation of the geranium oil. A check of the literature showed a history of toxicity,

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