Tantra is a Science, a way of knowledge both for understanding the outer world and the inner psyche. It is based on and closely allied with the various traditional Sciences of India of which the two most notable are Ayurveda (Vedic medicine) and astrology (Jyotish). 

The records of British East India Company has memoirs of a few gallant officers who ventured beyond the silent Himalayan lands of Ladakh and Sikkim to reach Tibet. Here these white men stood the chance of witnessing Lamas and many Yogis locked in the enrapture of a mystical trance (Samadhi) for years at an end. A unique and interesting System was used in recalling them back to normal consciousness. Geshes (Tibetan doctor of medicine) would oil and massage the specific points on the stiff bodies of these symptomatically dead Lamas.

One of the many such reports is that written by, J. Clifford (Journal CVXIII, 1926; Calcutta Archives) quotes "I was quite amazed to witness the power of these mystical elixir oils. After the ceremony, I went up to the Geshes quarters wherein we talked at length on the psychic effect of the weird oils. He told me that these oils were purely extracted from, Lotus, Sandalwood, Saffron, Cypress and many more nature yielders.

When blended together systematically these would generate bio-electric currents or psychic energy waves and their application at the specific points on the body releases the hidden psychic forces which whence perceived were termed as miracles. "The Science of Aromatic essences researched extensively on the nature and combinations of these oils. The outcome of this long work is ’Vedic Aromatherapy: The ancient System of healing and Spiritual awakening." This is today gaining a wider acceptance as an alternative and provoking System of treatment.

What is Chakra?
An ancient system evoked by the great Tantric masters in India thousands of years ago. Chakra is a Sanskrit word for something that is round, circle or a wheel. This is a point of force or energy arranged vertically from the base of the spine to the top of the head located on specific endocrine glands. These are points where our thoughts, feelings and physical functions of the body are interrelated eg: angry thoughts can affect the liver, adrenal metabolism or fear of speaking the truth can disturb your thyroid function. Chakras also produce energy waves like the magnetic currents which attract or repel any sound, colour, smell, taste, touch or feel. Though we cannot perceive the chakras we can feel them and visualize them. When there is a balance between the chakras one feels full of vitality. The continuous psychic energy flow makes it possible for our physical bodies to exist. Our state of mind and the corresponding emotions are the cause of opening and closing of the chakras to appear glowing with energy or dull and sluggish.

There are many ways to stimulate and open chakras i.e. Massage, Acupuncture, chiropractic, breath control, Visualization and Channelling energy to specific sites, to name a few. Essential oils can play a vital part in stimulating the chakra system, as essential oils are the spirit, soul, the pranic force of a plant and work as nourishing to our prana. They increase or tune vibrations, help subtle bodies, and strengthen our aura. They also act as viaducts for tapping the tremendous potential of uncharted mind power.

The Ailments caused by an imbalance of the Seven Chakras
  • The first chakra Muladhara when blocked cause constipation, haemorrhoids, lower back pain, sciatica, fear, instability, loss of power.
  • The second chakra Svadhishana, when blocked leads to lack of purpose, impotence, frigidity, cystitis, confusion, restlessness, fantasies, jealousy, guilt.
  • The third chakra Manipura when blocked we experience digestive upset, lust for power, become pushy and egoistic.
  • The fourth chakra Anahata, when closed, can cause heart problems, loneliness, isolation, hatred, disconnected and condemnation of others.
  • The fifth chakra Vishuddha when obstructed, we experience voice, hearing and communication problems, sore throats and difficulty in expressing our feelings.
  • The sixth chakra Ajna also known as the third eye, when blocked one experiences vision problems, headaches, feeling choked, fogginess and dizziness.
  • The seventh chakra Sahasrara source of divine powers when blocked makes us full of ego, atheist and disconnected from source.
Western Name Sanskrit Name Meaning Location Essential Oils Colour
7 Crown Sahasrara Thousand Petals Top of  the skull Lotus, Gul Heena, Frankincense,  Sandalwood, Saffron, Myrrh Violet
6 Third Eye Ajna Unlimited Power Between Eyebrows Tulsi, Camphor, Jasmine, Kewda, Eucalyptus Indigo
5 Throat   Vishuddha Pure Throat German Chamomile, Tea-tree, Cajeput BIue
4 Heart Anahata Unstriken Chest Heart Neroli,  Orange, Rose, Champa, Bergamot Green
3 Solar plexus Manipura City of gems Middle of ribcage navel Davana, Fennel, Lavender, Tagetes Yellow
2 Sexual  Svadhjshana Dwelling of  Self Pelvic Cedarwood, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang,  Triffloa, Cypress Orange
1 Base  Root  Muladhara Foundation Genitals anus Costus, Angelica, Vetiver, Ginger,  Jatamansi Red
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