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3 Ways to Add Life to Your Dry Monsoon Hair

by Rk's Aroma on Jun 28, 2021

3 Ways to Add Life to Your Dry Monsoon Hair

Our hair gets its own personality during rains, right? And, not a good one for sure. With all the Bollywood dancing under the natural showers and the fritter-feasting, we also get the stubborn frizz and the lifeless mane on our heads. Sadly, it is the monsoon’s fault with its oh-so-unavoidable humidity and the dew. But hey, every problem also comes with its own rescue, and so does this. Here are three simple yet miraculous ways to add life to your dry monsoon hair. Yes, all it takes is these easy measures and a set of natural products.

1. Oiling Your Hair is Non-Negotiable

Long live the home remedies of our grannies because they actually work! Even more so, during seasons like this one. So, make a routine to oil your hair twice a week to tackle the dryness and unruliness. The nourishment of a natural oil offers deep conditioning to the hair and increases blood circulation to your hair follicles. Massaging your scalp and hair with a natural oil with the benefits of fenugreek oil and onion helps strengthen the roots and give your strands that effortless shine.

2. Apply a Hair Mask

As the humidity takes a hike in the monsoon, our hair loses moisture. That is what leads to dry and frizzy hair that feels hard to manage and take care of. But, just like how oiling your hair twice a week comes as a saviour here, applying a hair mask does the same. Again, it helps to add moisture back to your hair while also reducing hair breakage and frizz.

3. Don’t Skip the Washes and the Conditioner

Now that we know what makes our hair so dry and prone to dandruff and infections, you should also know that this is not the season to experiment with hair washes. Stick to washing your hair with a chemical-free shampoo and conditioner every alternate day and say no to hot water. We know how tempting hot showers are, but hey, do it for your hair. Your mane will definitely thank you later!

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