The Kit Contains : 
(Male) Veer Linga Taila
This massage oil is to be used on the male organ, not more than 10 to 15 drops at time to strengthen the tissues and muscles, also helps to reduce visibility of veins and nerves.
(Male) Sur Suun Taila
This Natural blend of Essential oils induces reduction of sensations, helps prolong intercourse. To be used 10 to 15 minutes before the act till the sensation of numbing sets in, then wash well to avoid same effect to your partner.
(Female) Nar Banndhi Taila
Enhances feelings, sets in moods, exaggerates orgasms, on the emotions it gives a sense of well being, confidence, security, comfort. To be massaged on the body 20 to 30 minutes before.
(Unisex) Daradd Peth
This uni-shaped gadget is made of fish bone and is the replica of an ancient gadget used by Kings, Royal and Passionate a few hundred years ago. To be used on sensual parts of the body.