Skin Care KitA physical contact, bringing a positive touch to another human being can give pleasure, reassurance, confidence and comfort. There are no words that can describe the feelings of touch --- it is an energy communication, even the simplest form of touch can be beneficial to the mind --- a hand on the arm can sometimes grant more reassurance and confidence than what words can say.

The underestimated sense of smell, with the combination of the powers of touch, make aromatherapy massages the most luxurious form of relaxation available today.

Skin Care KitThe effects may be either stimulating or calming depending upon the essential oils used on the needs of the individual who is being massaged. Essential oils are compatible with the basic skin structure and penetrate the skin layer after layer; moisturising it to bring in more suppleness and stimulating the production of new cells in the body.

Each of these Essential oils are selected for its unique skin-improving properties. A massage with a blend of these oils produces remarkable psychological and physiological effects of calming the nerves and stimulating the energy flow.

Principles of Aroma Facial

  • Contact: A complete contact between your hands and your partner's skin is important and it should be maintained all the way throughout the facial.
  • Pressure: Your hand pressure should not be too light nor should it be heavy. The returning movements are to be gentle without pressure.
  • Continuity: Hand movement should be continuous, change of movements should be smooth and unnoticeable without breaking the contact.
  • Speed and Rhythm: Massage should be slow, gentle and rhythmical with a proper state of mind and concentration so that the benefit of healing for every one of us can be experienced.

Guidelines for Masseuse

  1. Right environment (dim lights, a warm room.) 
  2. No distraction or interruption in concentration. 
  3. Your nails should be short, clean and smooth. 
  4. No jewellery of any kind to be worn to avoid scratching the skin. 
  5. An appropriate massage couch or massage table required. 
  6. Never have a fluorescent tube light and lights on top of the massage table.

Contra Indication To Facial Massage

Contraindications must be observed according to the age, size and physical conditions of the recipient. 

  1. Cuts/bruises and boils
  2. Acne and pimples 
  3. Inflammation or swelling 
  4. Recent surgeries. 
  5. Epilepsy 
  6. High or low blood pressure. (if not under control) 
  7. Diabetics 
  8. Infectious Diseases. 
  9. Heart Conditions. 
  10. Pregnancy 
  11. Any disease currently under medical care,

List of items required for Aromatherapy facial

  1. Couch 
  2. Towels
  3. Blanket 
  4. Stool 
  5. Facial trolley 
  6. Waste bin 
  7. Infrared light as an accelerator. This produces hyperaemia helping in the absorption of oil into the skin. 
  8. Cleanser, Toner and Astringent 
  9. Essential oils and carrier oils 
  10. Moisturiser 
  11. Mask 
  12. Sterilizing solution 
  13. Cotton wool and Tissues


Using Alternate hands, sweep from collarbone to jaw bone starting at left side, ending at right. This movement is commonly known as alternative stroking up the neck.

See Figure: (Do It 4 to 5 times)
Using alternate hands, start from the left side of the neck continuously stroking in the upward direction to finish on the right side of the neck.
Cupping of the jaw. 

The palm of the left hand should be cupped in a concave shape over the right-hand side of the jaw. Now stroke across to the left side till your fingers come up towards the ears. Now cup the right hand and take it to the right side.
Cheek triangle: using your fingers sweep under the sides of the mouth towards the ears returning down to the centre of the chin.

Draw fingers firmly up to the cheekbone level close to the nose, stroke with gentle pressure under the cheekbone towards the ears as if you were draining the sinuses from under the nose area towards the ear. Then release pressure and gently glide your fingers towards the centre of the chin.
Circular movements with the thumb cushion up the nosy 

Starting from the tip of the nose using the thumb cushion in circular movements (Clock-wise) start moving towards the forehead finishing at the top of the forehead. 
Forehead stroking with alternate palms 

Gently stroke with relaxed hands up the forehead following with the left hand, repeat alternate stroke 
Circle around the eyes finishing at the temples

Place three fingers over the eyebrows across the frontal bone. Now drain across towards the temples using pressure. Release the pressure and wait. Using ring fingers under the eyes, circle around to the starting point.
Repeat No. 1 to 6 
Rocking movements 

Place index fingers above lips, second finger below the mouth, the ring and the little fingers on the chin and below. Place both your hands to meet at the fingers. Keeping this contact move slowly apart from the centre of the mouth towards the temples. (Do not bend fingers) when the fingertips reach the temple apply pressure for 3 to 4 seconds on it only to repeat the movement.
9. Shoulder effleurage

Place both your hands on the centre of the chest, just under the neck. Stroke lightly and move hands out towards armpit. Now move your palms around the deltoid muscles up to the back of the shoulders. Continue to the occiput point at the base of the skull. Wait there for 10 seconds, then repeat all over again. 
Your Aromatherapy essential oil kit contains Essential oils chosen for the Skincare but they can be used for a wide range of common ailments. Care should be taken and read "Cautions" before blending Essential oils with carrier oils. Essential oils in your kit are most commonly used for skin care and their suggested application are mentioned below in good faith. 

R.K’s Aroma shop does not take any responsibility whatsoever for their use or misuse.
Mature/Dry Skin Essential oils   Oily Skin Essential oils
Chamomile 1 Drop   Tea Tree 1 Drop
Geranium 1 Drop   Geranium 1 Drop
Sandalwood 1 Drop   Sandalwood 1 Drop
Apricot  5 ml   Grape Seed 5 ml
Normal skin   Acne and Pimples
Lavender 1 Drop   Tea Tree 1 Drop
Geranium 1 Drop   Chamomile 1 Drop
Sandalwood 1 Drop   Sandalwood 1 Drop
Almond 5 ml   Grapeseed 5ml

Take the Carrier oil first and then add Essential oils to it, mix and use it as facial massage.


  • Essential oils should never be used neat on the surface of the skin (unless done under the guidance of a qualified aromatherapist.)
  • If pregnant, epileptic or suffering from high blood pressure consult a qualified Aromatherapist before using essential oils.
  • Keep essential oils out of the reach of children and away from the eyes.
  • Essential oils should never be taken internally.