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Customers Testimonials

Noorin Sha

I stumbled upon this brand a couple of months back and since then I've been a regular user and promoter of their products! From using high end brands to organic products, I've tried them all but since I started using their face oils and kits I've never looked back. The face oils works like magic on my skin I'm obsessed with how fresh my skin looks and feels! My favourite is the fountain of youth face oil and the hemp seed oil for my face and skin. :D

Mamta Vora, Artist

It's been around 25-30 years since I've been using their product ranges, lots has changed, but RK Aromas product quality and innovation has just improved. The aromatherapy that revolves around their oils, blends, skin lotions and lot more, not only have kept my healing up-to-date but also helped in day to day skin as well as hair care routines.

Mariyam Naaz

I have been using RK Aroma for the past 20 years now. Having said that the products have always done justice to my skin. I am not surprised with the new range of products that you have come up with. I use the essential oils and face serum, which work beautifully for me. Thank you for the amazing products and services you have been pampering us with.

Kaivalya Mehta, Pawshop Owner

Been using RK aromas products for a few years now and have always got amazing quality products consistently. The essential oils are the best I’ve come across. They also developed a custom essential oil for my retail store. Overall highly recommend you to try out some of their products and services.

Kaiz jaffer, Gossip Owner

I have been a long time patron of RKs aroma and the quality of products and wide variety meets all my cosmetic needs. I really like the diffusers as well that have a pleasant aroma and help make my home more peaceful and tranquil.