1 Mental Energy / Headache
2 Headache Points
3 Digestion
4 Kidneys
5 Bowels
6 Sexual Organs/ Digestion
7 Spleen
8 Pancreas/Bladder
9 Constipation
10 Lungs
11 Sex Organs
12 Right, Liver, Left, Lymphatic System
13 Sympathetic Nervous System, Confidence
14 Digestion, Sexual and Respiratory Energies
15 Conception
16 Stomach
17 Bladder
18 Gall Bladder
 How to Massage
Pressures on key points on the face stimulate major organs and are also highly beneficial for clear skin. Pressures are best done after you cleanse the face and then sparingly apply a facial Aroma oil, use the second and third fingers of both hands simultaneously on both sides of the face on corresponding points. Hold each pressure point for a count of ten. The pressures will only take about two minutes and will make one feel and look better.