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R.K’s Aroma Propolis Facial Kit - The First Ever Propolis Skincare Product In India

by R.K's Aroma on Jun 20, 2022

R.K’s Aroma Propolis Facial Kit - The First Ever Propolis Skincare Product In India

Thanks to the most hard-working honey bees, we all know about honey and its miracle benefits for skincare! But did you know honey is not the only thing our bee friends produce? Yes, this makes a way to the least popular but can become our skin's best friend - PROPOLIS. Propolis is another bee ingredient after honey that is gradually gaining the popularity it deserves among natural skincare.

Didn't you hear of Propolis before? No worries, you're not alone! Despite the reality of using it for thousands of years, this sticky substance has yet to turn into a household word.

Propolis, the lesser-known byproduct, is stocked with great stuff like amino acids, antioxidants, and vitamins very similar to honey. These could help in revitalizing your skin to a cellular extent. The honey might act as a natural and powerful humectant that seals in moisture. In contrast, Propolis includes more nutrients to ward off the radicals making your skin plump, supple, and smooth. Here in the article, we will let you know about the exceptional beauty benefits of Propolis and the best propolis products available in the market currently. Stay tuned to find out how the miraculous ingredient could give that damn glow to your skin.



What Is Propolis?

The phrase Propolis is coined from the Greek words polis (city) and pro (before) meaning, defender of the city. Propolis is a waxy, resinous substance that bees generate by combining beeswax with their saliva and further compounds from several trees and plants. Bees mix the sap with their beeswax and discharges to build a greenish-brown and sticky product. This sticky product is utilized as a coating for building the hives. It also is an excellent natural disinfectant in opposition to bacteria.

In other words, bees utilize Propolis for sealing the hive gaps that keep out intruders. The antimicrobial properties in Propolis also help in fighting against pathogens to protect bees.

Did you know ancient civilizations used to cover the newcomers to the city with propolis ointment to kill all the bacteria they carried with them? Using Propolis oil and Propolis in skincare products offers very similar protection for the skin.

Here is the rough guideline of what Propolis commonly consists of:

● Beeswax: 30%
● Vegetable and tree resins: 50%
● Essential and aromatic oil: 10%
● pollen: 5%

Propolis even includes polyphenols, like flavonoids, which are a kind of antioxidants. They are even known to consist of the following excellent properties for human health.
● Anti fungal
● Anti-inflammatory
● Antiviral
● Antibacterial

The History Of Propolis In Skincare and Beauty

Bees are not just the source of painful stings and tasty honey but also a beauty secret for your skin that brings your skin to another level. Propolis, a resin generated by honeybees also known as "bee glue," is an age-old ingredient for flawless skin that we all have forgotten. But, R.K.'s Aroma, who always thrived to bring ancient Ayurveda into the modern world, understood the benefits of the influential mystic ingredient - Propolis and is introducing it to everyday people in the form of a skincare product.

Since 350 BC Propolis has been used for both beauty and medicinal purposes. The historical Greeks started using propolis extract for treating abscesses and various skin diseases. Assyrians found Propolis helpful to heal wounds and tumors, and ancient Egyptians used it for mummification. Egypt's beautiful and dynamic leader, Pharaoh Cleopatra, who has a powerful skincare routine, used Propolis, milk and honey baths. She used to apply Propolis for her skin traits as it is known to have preserving abilities and effective treatments. Also, Hippocrates, ancient Greek most admired in the history of medicine, found that Propolis has a magic ability to heal wounds and infections.

And therefore, it is no surprise why Propolis is one of R.K’s Aroma's popular ingredients.


Science And Health Benefits Of Propolis

There is no doubt surrounding its healing properties, especially on our immune system; Bee Propolis is a focus of many scientific research projects. Many scientific studies proved that a few types of Propolis have excellent antifungal and antimicrobial properties, which is why Propolis is very effective when fighting acne.

Propolis is also recognized in science as an emollient and antioxidant and is researched for skin cancer prevention and treatment. Propolis's properties quickly restore skin texture naturally. Its benefits are not just limited to the antiseptic, healing, and restorative capacities but will furthermore help with calming, healing, and balancing difficult skin conditions. Propolis helps in stimulating the cell growth rate and decongesting the skin pores. Being an anti-inflammatory agent, Propolis fights against bacteria. There has been much research regarding the usefulness of Propolis, mainly in terms of skincare.

Benefits Of Propolis For Skin

The list of bee propolis benefits for skin is a huge one. Firstly, Propolis is equipped with antioxidant properties that help to equalize oxidative stress affected by the free radicals, the foremost sinner for the aging signs in your skin. Antioxidants also help you fight the breakdown of elastin and collagen (the main proteins responsible for keeping skin looking youthful, healthy, and firm). Also, the recent study knew that Propolis could block the collagen degradation affected by U.V. light exposure. Let's learn more about the benefits of this new staple in the world of natural skincare.


1. Propolis Is A Great Solution For Acne

Propolis has a proven study that it helps in boosting one's immunity, and its impact to enhance cellular immune response. So, with its antibacterial nature, Propoliscould be a loyal partner to fight bacterial acne. It reduces the severity of the pimples and is beneficial in destroying acne for acne-prone skin and sensitive skin. Propolis isn't just a vital source for its antibacterial nature but also for its anti-inflammatory properties. So, it lowers the skin's redness and soothes it by cooling the temperature.

2. Propolis Protects the skin from free radicals

The main less known feature of the Propolis is its function in free-radical fighting. The free radicals from environmental pollution damage skin and changes its color, making it more prone to premature aging and wrinkles. When the free radicals harm your skin by snatching the electron from the skin atoms, the propolis antioxidants help protect your skin by providing electrons. Propolis, rich in antioxidants, safeguards your skin against harmful environmental damage ( like sun exposure and air pollution), which we can't escape from.

3. Propolis Helps reduce the dead skin cells

Unexfoliated dead skin blocks the pores and also prevents natural skin balance. This makes the skin prone to acne, whether you have sensitive or dry skin. But propolis essence or ampoule could make an excellent exfoliating care product.

4. Propolis eases inflammation, pigmentation and redness

Inflammation is likely to be caused by many triggers; it can be internal or external. The primary common indication of skin inflammation is redness. A Topical product that's made with Propolis reduces redness and can also prevent post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

5. Skin healing and acne care

Propolis is known for its high healing nature on burns. It also is excellent in improving the skin cells' growth capacity. Propolis helps in finding the perfect oil and water balance. It speeds up the healing by adding a healthy barrier to the skin. If you have any brown spots or blemishes, acne scars, Propolis is quite helpful to start with.



Who Should Use Bee Propolis Based Skin Care Products?

Every skin type should be thankful to flying friends for making this excellent and magical ingredient for our skin.

Propolis's anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties made it an excellent choice for acne-prone skin. Also, Propolis is packed with enzymes that offer a mild exfoliating effect. Its antibacterial properties are even noteworthy where much acne mainly results from the bacterium referred to as P. acnes. Its anti-inflammatory properties control the swelling and redness associated with the blemishes, and the exfoliation helps keep pores unclogged and free of pimples in the future. So, the skin care products made with Propolis are great in nourishing and enriching the tricky texture. This makes Propolis a considerable product for hydrating and protecting your skin too. Nonetheless, not every propolis product is heavy and thick, so it is essential to choose the product carefully.

Few studies suggested that Propolis is an excellent choice for people who are focusing on anti-aging. With its potent antioxidant benefits, you can finally find a permanent solution to the aging problem. As it generates thick consistency, it works to create a protective layer on your skin barrier, which boosts the skin's ability to repair itself. A strong skin barrier lessens skin irritation and locks the hydration of skin, which makes it the best pick for sensitive and dry skin. Although it's a thick texture, and as said before, most of the propolis products are very lightweight. So, irrespective of your skin type or skin issue, try to include Propolis in the skincare routine, regardless of your skin likings.

R.K’s Aroma Propolis Facial Kit - The First ever Propolis skincare product in India.

Every human being faces horrible pollutants and pollution, no matter how badly we try to keep our skin safe and healthy. With the many contaminants and severe summer heat, you can't just prevent it. That's where R.K.'s Aroma Propolis Facial Kit levels up your beauty game. It shields your skin to make it more healthy.

By the way, what is healthy skin? Healthier skin indicates the power your skin has to fight against bacteria and balance everything. If you are facing breakouts. Then, our Propolis facial kit assists in the after acne and scar care with its healing abilities. It can also speed up the recovery.

The benefits of R.K.'s Aroma Propolis Facial Kit don't just end there! It also consists of antioxidants that help you battle the aging effects. Propolis is highly rated as an antiseptic and is believed to have more therapeutic properties. The decongestion of skin pores and promoting the cell growth rate made it quite popular among people. With all these beautiful purposes, it's not at all surprising that the Propolis facial kit is a must-have in your skincare routine.

Propolis Facial Kit also helps in maintaining hydration which in turn makes the skin function perfectly. Its remarkable healing properties could concentrate on rebuilding itself.

R.K's Aroma Propolis Facial Kit restores and calms irritated skin affected by acne, blemishes, dryness, and post-acne marks.

R.K’s Aroma Propolis Facial Kit Contents

Having a good skincare regime is crucial for healthy and glowing skin. However, the CTM (cleanser, toner, and moisturizer) will only work on the skin's outer layer. If you need spotless, younger-looking skin that will glow from within, then it is necessary to opt for treatments like facials.

We all know every salon offers a wide range of facials and options. While they help your body and skin relax, getting them regularly is very expensive, and all those chemicals might harm you. This is where our R.K's Aroma Propolis Facial Kit comes into action.

R.K's Aroma Propolis Facial Kit is an At-home facial kit that has become quite popular in the past few years. You just have to follow the instructions given on the sachets to get healthy, glowing, and spotless skin in the comfort of your home. The best part is - you can see the parlor glow at a pretty affordable price.

The R.K’s Aroma Propolis Facial kit contains –

1. Cleansing Lotion
The cleansing lotion includes the elements of aloe vera, coconut oil, along with vitamins. These make your skin feel soft and smooth instantly. The Chamomile and Lemon essential oils will deeply cleanse the pores leaving it prepped for the next step.

How To Use
Damp your skin, take the product from the sachet and apply it evenly and cleanse your skin thoroughly.

2. Exfoliating Scrub
The natural essential oils and the apricot granules in the R.K's Aroma exfoliating scrub gently exfoliates your skin without any irritation. Rich in catalytic and antiseptic properties, this scrub will cleanse your skin, get rid of dead cells & deeply embedded dirt while stimulating the growth of new cells.

How To Use
Empty the product from the sachet and massage the skin for about 3 to 5 minutes. Then clean the skin with a soft cloth or lukewarm water.

3. Propolis Gel
R.K's Aroma is the first-ever company in India to prepare Propolis in gel form. Don't worry, it is tried and tested! The Propolis gel is best known for its significant effects on tissue renovation and regeneration. With its antifungal and antibacterial properties, it helps in reducing scars and wrinkles.

How To Use
Apply the gel evenly all over the facial skin and massage for about three to five minutes in gentle circular motions. Remove the excess product with wet cotton. If you have a facial steamer available at home, then steam your face for 2 to 3 minutes.

4. Propolis Cream
With its antibacterial, antimicrobial, antioxidant, and antifungal properties, Propolis cream will balance the secretions of oil from the skin and ensure the skin's overall well-being.

How To Use
Empty the product from the sachet and apply it evenly to the skin. Massage your face gently for about 10 to 15 minutes in circular motions and upward strokes. Clean off the excess product with wet cotton.

5. Oily Skin Mask
R.K's Aroma Oily Skin Mask contains the miraculous properties of turmeric and soothing medicinal tea tree oil. These properties help in opening clogged pores, reducing excess oil secretion, and preventing rough skin.

How To Use
Empty the product and apply evenly all over the face. Please wait until the mask completely dries and remove it using wet cotton. You will be left with soft and firm skin.

6. Green Tea Moisturizer
Last but not least, finish off your facial with the R.K's Aroma Green Tea Moisturizer, which works both as a moisturizer and as a sunscreen. The natural astringent green tea moisturizer is an excellent source of antibacterial and antioxidant properties. These properties will help elevate, prevent, and heal the irritated skin caused due to the harmful U.V. rays from the sun. The moisturizer also helps skin in softening, hydrating, and preventing premature aging.







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