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Self-care tips for the monsoon, it’s raining beauty problems!

by R.K's Aroma on Jul 02, 2022

Self-care tips for the monsoon, it’s raining beauty problems!

A holistic guide for the mind, body, and skin that deserves all the love.

A fan of these seasonal showers or not, we bet you cannot resist its natural perks and beauty. The lush green landscapes, the soothing rain soil fragrance, and oh, the cozy evenings curled up with a cuppa hot chocolate at home. But, while it is a scenic time, for the most part, the season can still come with an array of beauty dilemmas and some mood blues. Thanks to the changing temperature and lack of sunshine, your skin and hair can have a hard time too, while also affecting your mood and energy. Well, the key is to change up some things in your self-care routine, so the joy of these showers remains the same and so does your overall well-being.


Here are some expert-approved tips to take care of yourself as it pours outside!

1. Treat your skin and hair with care too
The rainy season is accompanied by unavoidable humidity, making your skin greasy and your hair dry. It can even accelerate the ageing process because of the disturbed pH balance of your skin. But, here’s what you can do! Say hello to a skin tonic that can help you gain your pH balance during such times. Also, a light gel-based moisturiser like aloe vera gel can replace your moisturizer and protect your skin better.


Moreover, exfoliating twice a week can help you get rid of the dead cells on the skin, keeping your skin soft and supple. But, what about the hair? It is fairly easy to ignore your hair care during this time, but we all dread that frizz, don’t we? So, when it comes to that, we say, resort to oiling the hair with natural products to help reduce the dryness and lend you those luscious locks.


2. Keep the body moving
Monsoon in India is quite unpredictable and can easily come in the way of your plans that include the outdoors. Not to mention, the gloom outside can also drop your energy levels and motivation to move that body. But hey, you can always push yourself to do the same from the comfort of your home! The key is to keep moving, regardless of the weather. Urge yourself to keep the body moving now, so you can reap its physical and mental benefits later on.


3. Aromatherapy for the mind and more

Since the Vedic era, the healing benefits of essential oils have been used by generations. These botanical oils and their aroma have significantly proven to affect people’s overall well-being over the years. From leading to an uplifted mood to warding off seasonal insects, aromatherapy is, hands down, one of the best effective self-care techniques. Simply drop some monsoon-friendly essential oils like peppermint and lavender into a diffuser, and allow its therapeutic fragrance to calm you and beat the blues.


So, are you set and armed with the season’s self-care kit yet? Shop here now!

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